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Who We Are

As a Georgia Incorporated LLC, we are a Ring Certified Partner, a certified Google Nest Pro, and work with all  brands of smart devices

So many options exist today for connected devices in our daily lives. Doorbells, cameras indoor and outdoor, wired, wireless, monitoring apps, alarms, appliances, thermostats - it's DIZZYING!!!

We can help you make sense of it all! With a free initial consultation, Southeast Smart Home can show you product bundles and options from simple self monitoring, to robust automation from gates to existing alarm systems and more.

Our team

Our small family-owned business is small, but DETERMINED!! We also have a spirit of caring which means a top notch customer experience is as important to us as it is to you. You can trust that our decades of experience will give you peace of mind, while saving you money!


Bill Creighton

With a history of technical leadership spanning over three decades, Bill will be the one that you speak to on your project, and will be the one that shows up to do the job.

From the US Navy to AT&T, from Motorola to Cisco, Bill has deep understanding of tech, especially WiFi, Internet, and electrical engineering and architecture. All the key elements related to the foundation of the smart home products and services.

Operations Manager

Kristy Creighton

Kristy manages the office and operations.
She is the oil that keeps all the complex gears and wheels turning!


While most consultations and installations are scheduled at YOUR convenience in the afternoons or evenings, our support offerings give you additional peace of mind above and beyond the support and service you get from the product manufacturer!

If you have urgent support needs (outside actual emergency services alarm response, of course!) We are here to help you at a moment's notice!

Services at
affordable prices

We are a small local company with our lives invested in the same area as our customers!

We are not a national corporation with high overhead. This allows Southeast Smart Home the luxury of passing on these low operational costs savings in our project pricing.

You are helping out your local businesses, while also realizing significant savings for yourself!

business hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Closed on Sunday



Southeast Smart Home is 100% committed to transparency. There are no hidden fees. No mystery and no contingency. We show you how much you're paying, we explain the services we perform and you can buy your own equipment, or from us. You can choose what we do and you are free to choose all, some, or none of our installation services.



Your time is important, and we appreciate that. We are here 24x7 and will make every possible effort to respond to any questions or concerns our customers have. We don't disappear once after the purchase, we will be here for you


We provide assurance for our work. If you have any installation problems, we will make it right! This is far more than product warranty, you have questions, we have answers.

Your Trusted Partner for ALL Things in Your Smart Home

Direct Product Sales

Buy your Ring, Amazon, Google or other products in one simple step with an authorized reseller

Southeast Smart Home is an authorized reseller for all RIng, Amazon, Google, and other smart home products. We offer clear estimates with transparent product pricing. You don't have to buy products from us if you'd like us to do any installation or service work, but if you do, you can rest assured you're getting the most competitive pricing possible!

Consulting and Installation

We provide expert consulting for any size project

Southeast Smart Home is able to provide consulting and services that far exceed any simple installation requirements. As part of the unique Southeast Smart Home services, we use special tools and software to provide wireless site surveys and mapping so you know that you will have complete connectivity at full resolution and/or data rate possible.

Product Lines We Carry

Discover more about our extensive range of products and professional services. 

We constantly update this page, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help!!


Ring products are based on a simple principle -- use your existing home wifi network to create a ring of security around your home. Use the free Ring app to alert you whenever someone approaches your door or comes in a range of a security camera. You can then view an HD video stream of the person and speak to them using two-way audio communication. The app also allows you to control all the other functions of your Ring devices such as floodlights and sirens and video recording. Put simply, with Ring products, you're always home.


The Google Nest Hub (formerly the Home Hub) is a great way to kick off a Google-centric smart home. It uses Google Assistant to respond to all of the same voice commands as a Google Home smart speaker. The touchscreen will show you extra info when you ask about the weather, search for restaurants and so on. Plus, you can use this smart home hub to watch videos or scroll through family pictures.

Amazon / Blink

Blink helps bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones through affordable, innovative, and easy-to-use smart home security devices. From our battery-powered Outdoor and Indoor cameras to our Mini but mighty plug-in cam, Blink helps you protect what matters most no matter where you are. 

Other Platforms...

If you have existing devices, whether already connected to your smart home via Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, even proprietary systems, or ones that use a bridge to communicate to "old school" devices - we can help you streamline all those old and new devices!

Site Survey

We use industry leading software tools to map your installation locations and show you the signal strength for each device. We will also discuss any impacts poor reception may have, and offer various solutions to address the deficiency. For video devices this is crucial to ensure you see the highest resolution video possible. It's also critrical for any devices that might suffer from connectivity issues and interference

Systems Integration

We realize that there are MANY tools and products in the home automation world. We will work with you to integrate all your existing, or even planned multi-vendor solutions. We'll outline any bridging or cross connecting required, as well as potential options to streamline a single master system to fit your needs.

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